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Sr. Account Executive

MAGNETIC seeks a Senior Account Executive with experience managing notable brands and a deep understanding of digital marketing and brand strategy.

Seeking: Senior Account Executive to be a part of the growing MAGNETIC CREATIVE branding agency. The ideal candidate for this role is someone who has experience in managing notable brands, understands brand strategy and has an in depth knowledge of digital marketing.  Must be extremely flexible and solution-oriented in a dynamic and fast-paced industry. Must excel at motivating teams to solve business and marketing challenges for smart clients. We are looking for a talented and collaborative individual who can bring their experience and positive energy to a vibrant creative team.

Position: Senior Account Executive - Full-Time

The responsibility of the Sr. Account Executive is to be the client’s representative at the agency, and the agency’s representative at the client’s organization. It is his or her job to get the best possible work from the agency for the client-but at a profitable return for the agency. This means knowing how to handle people at the agency so that they give the client their best effort without spending more time than the income from the client’s business justifies.

An effective Sr. Account Executive at Magnetic develops a thorough knowledge of the client’s business, the consumer, the marketplace and all aspects of advertising, including creative, media, research, and commercial production.

As a team leader and account strategist, this person must communicate the client’s needs clearly to the agency team, plan effectively to maximize staff time and energy, and present the agency’s recommendations candidly to the client. The account person must be able to foster productive communication between multiple client and agency team members, identify common goals, and make sure that the final product is profitable and effective for the client and the agency. The Sr. Account Executive ensures the smooth production of campaigns – from briefing designers and copywriters, to managing budgets and possibly a team of executives. They will be expected to plan campaigns, and successfully develop business accounts creatively and financially, while playing a positive role in your agency’s new business program.


Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Develop long-term client partnerships that result in a mutually beneficial, growth-oriented business and working relationships with clients.
  • Develop a deep understanding of our client’s marketing objectives and strategies as well as the dynamics of the business environment. Advocating for the client at Magnetic while advocating for Magnetic to the client.
  • Understand the client's marketing objectives in terms of sales, market-share, competitor products.
  • Oversee the various production stages of branding, creative, development and ongoing engagement tactics to make sure everything runs smooth.
  • Assist in the annual strategy and marketing plan development for specified clients.
  • Be able to brief the media team on the client’s brand and target audience so it can develop an effective media strategy.
  • Gain client alignment on project objectives, approaches and KPIs.
  • Lead and guide the project management for creative and technology teams internally to ensure that all initiatives both branding and engagement related to be delivered within budget and time parameters, with high quality output.
  • On the whole, this is an office-based role and you will spend time in meetings and briefings, as well as remaining in close contact with key clients. Occasional travel may be required for client visits, new business presentations, planning and brief taking. Although your commitment will tend to be standard office hours, deadlines and/or client demands may result in abnormal work hours to ensure continued success.
  • Working in the advertising, digital or marketing sectors, the Sr. Account Executive ensures the smooth production of campaigns – from briefing designers and copywriters, to managing budgets and possibly a team of executives.
  • The Sr. Account Executive is primarily responsible for the management of relationships with clients. As the senior point of contact for an agency’s customers, this person also co-ordinates the resources needed to service projects, builds strategic operational plans and balances the expectations of clients with the execution of creative work.

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