Magnetic Creative is hiring a Junior Market Research Analyst / Brand Analyst Temecula, CA

Position Opened on September 27, 2019

Junior Market Research Analyst / Brand Analyst

Magnetic Creative is hiring an entry level Market Research Analyst or aspiring brand analyst to help with branding and marketing efforts. This job will be responsible for assisting with market research and brand analysis in order to competitively position brands in the market. This position requires a hard work ethic and creative problem solving skills. You will be relying heavily on data and insights to make creative decisions for brands.

Responsibilities for Junior Market Research Analyst Position

  • Interpret primary and secondary research to understand business landscape and key players.
  • Assist in primary research initiatives:
    • Surveys
    • Focus groups
    • Observations
    • Qualitative interviews
  • Analyze secondary research reports and surveys.
  • Pinpoint market trends and opportunities.
  • Define key competitors and analyze their marketing and branding efforts.
  • Understand customer segments and build plans to attract and retain customers.
  • Build out actionable customer buying personas.
  • Assist in developing brand strategies to gain more market share.
  • Assist in providing research initiative recommendations to clients.

Qualifications / Requirements for Market Research Analyst

  • Bachelor’s degree or current student in marketing / advertising / communications.
  • Familiar with market research.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Determined to use data and insight to tell brands stories.

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