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HubSpot Portal Audit: Streamline Your Sales & Marketing Operations

Discover our bullet-proof methods for getting the most out of your sales and marketing technology.


Let's face it.

Even the best tools need polishing from time-to-time. 

When you and your team are on the front lines of day-to-day campaign execution, it's common for your marketing platform to become disjointed. We see it all the time.

But a disjointed platform has lasting effects. The time it takes to extract strategic insights and launch new campaigns, for example, increases substantially – which leads us to ask...

Are you sure you're getting the most out of your marketing technology investment?

If not, the best-case scenario is that you and your team are operating inefficiently. Worst case? You're losing substantial revenue opportunities to your competition. 

Don't worry though! Solving problems like these is kind of our thing.

In fact, we've found that maintaining an optimized Hubspot portal will help you:

  • Streamline efficiency between the sales and marketing teams
  • Clearly define content inventory to ease editorial planning
  • Align marketing assets to the buyer's journey with a funnel-based naming system
  • Develop actionable reporting for future success
The beauty of it? All of this contributes to the ultimate goal of increasing traffic, conversions, and customers in a shorter span of time. 

Work With a Trusted Hubspot Platinum Partner

At Magnetic, we've onboarded, managed, and grown HubSpot portals for a range of clients – all the way from startups up to international, Fortune 500 giants.

During this time, we’ve not only helped our clients streamline their sales and marketing operations, but also launch explosive marketing campaigns that have driven considerable business growth.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 114.33% Increase in Monthly Leads
  • 52% Increase in MQLs 
  • 100%+ Increase in Website Engagement

So, what’s the secret?

Being a branding and human engagement agency, we’ve developed a unique approach to solidifying digital strategy over the last decade. We pride ourselves on transforming companies into kickass brands that customers love engaging with and employees love working for.

We accomplish this by developing a purpose-driven brand strategy, building out world-class creative assets, and then deploying those assets where our target audience is already actively consuming information.

BUT, there's a caveat.

Without the proper tools, multi-channel campaigns are rarely optimized to their fullest potential and insights are muddied at best. 


“We found that when teams don’t have a solid foundational sales and marketing platform to work with, they’re often left spinning their wheels. Dealing with time-consuming administrative tasks and jumping in and out of endless browser tabs. It’s frustrating, fruitless work and it doesn’t provide long-term value for the business.”

- Trey Evans, Content Marketing Manager

Here's What to Expect in Your Portal Audit

We’ll review the following and provide insights into how you can simplify and/or optimize your:

  • Content Topic Cluster & Campaign Structure (x4)
  • Workflows (x8)
  • Asset Templates: Emails, Landing Pages, and/or Blogs (x8)
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Reporting Setup

This can all be delivered via a live call or recorded video where we’ll also share actionable quick-win opportunities and long-term strategic considerations.

  • Pricing: $1,500 $1,000
  • Timing: Three business days after the initial introductory call

Hear What Others Are Saying About Magnetic


"We have really enjoyed working with Magnetic! Their team is filled with creative minds and fresh ideas. They are reliable and proactive, and have been key in streamlining our rebranding and lead nurturing strategies. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to revamp their brand."

- Allesandra Roqueta, Marketing Manager, Boral America


The Magnetic Creative team blows my mind! They are an incredible resource for building a brand, analytics help, and consulting services. Matt Simpson and Lauren Giangrande are personable, experienced, creative, and reliable. I look forward to their team taking me to the next level.

- Andreana Mendoza, Varick


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