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Proven marketing strategies for compounding growth.
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Public Service Announcement:
There is No Silver Bullet

But there are proven playbooks.

Today’s fastest growing brands are leveraging rapid experimentation to drive performance across the entire customer journey.

In short, it’s not just about awareness, we need to make the most out of:

✅  Every Impression
✅  Every Click  
✅  Every Lead
✅  Every Purchase
✅  Every Customer

And we need to do it in a systematic and repeatable way.

We call this Growth Marketing.

growth marketing planning

Tailored Roadmaps for Your Business

When planning a roadtrip, your odds of making it to your destination on schedule increase dramatically when you take the time to map out the optimal route and plan ahead for the resources required to get there. 

The same is true for your brand’s success. Simply saying “we want more revenue” will not get you where you need to be.

We begin every engagement with a Strategy Sprint to develop a roadmap that’s in alignment with your revenue goals to ensure your business is growing sustainably

Say goodbye to silos.

Full Funnel Marketing = Full Speed Ahead°

If your marketing channels aren’t being orchestrated in a cohesive strategy, you’re leaving money on the table.

Imagine your brand at the center of paid, earned, and owned media channels, fueled by award winning creative designed to build affinity, word of mouth, and sales.


Paid Media

Generate demand at scale via targeted multi-channel campaigns to drive awareness, acquisition and repeat purchases. 

Common channels include paid search/shopping, paid social, native, and OTT.

Influencer Marketing

Build reach, 3rd party endorsements, and a pipeline of user generated content (UGC), by partnering with creators that your audience is already following.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase performance across all channels with a focused optimization strategy. By proactively identifying performance drop-offs in the customer journey, we can implement solutions to maximize conversion rates and purchase value.

Demand Generation

Build awareness, demand, and affinity by educating your market via an owned thought leadership content series that communicates your unique industry expertise and POV. 

Search Engine Optimization

Decrease CAC and build a predictable organic sales channel by winning in the search results. 

Email & SMS Marketing

Stay top of mind and scale LTV and profitability through repeat purchase, cross-sells, up-sells, and customer  referral strategies.  

Social Media

Engage and build relationships  with customers and potential prospects with scroll-stopping creative.

CRM & Platform Implementation

Leverage cutting edge technology to supercharge your sales and marketing efforts and gain advanced insight into your customer’s experience.

Drive Revenue via Rapid Experimentation

Imagine having a dedicated team who is laser focused on improving each step of the customer experience.

That’s what we do.

Our team will help you uncover weak points in your sales and marketing funnel. We then ideate, test, and validate new solutions to drive customer acquisition and retention

growth marketing experimentation session
real time marketing reporting

Gain Complete Transparency with Real Time Marketing Reporting

Our team will centralize your marketing channels into a live dashboard reports that visualize macro funnel performance, channel specific performance, and progress towards established goals that are accessible at any time from any device. 

In short, these reports are tailored to help you measure the KPIs that are the most meaningful to your business in one centralized place. 

Growth Marketing Certifications & Partnerships

Along with our team of certified growth marketers, as a client you can tap into our strategic media and technology partnerships to accelerate your growth.

growth marketing certifications

What People
are Saying About Us

growth marketing stats seedevil

Magnetic is hands down the best growth marketing team we've ever worked with.

With Magnetic we hit goals that were unattainable with our existing operations, greatly increasing and strengthening our on and offline revenue streams. 

When you work with Magnetic, you will not fail.


growth marketing agency seedevil

- Tyler Hayhurst  |  GM, SeeDevil

Before working with Magnetic our company was losing the online search game.

Working with Magnetic felt as if we were on the same team, and that we were a priority for them. Magnetic exceeded all of our expectations especially with our immediate goal of increasing our online revenue.

Then they took it to the next level and created a full marketing strategy that is exactly what we didn’t even know we needed. 


growth marketing agency daniels summit

- Deanne Hill  |  Owner, Daniels Summit Lodge

growth marketing results
growth marketing stats emoyo

The amount of valuable insight they continue to give us is mind blowing.

The entire journey has been one of ease, communication and understanding. They have taken the time to get to know who we are as individuals as well as a company. 

There hasn't been one moment where we've disagreed on anything that they've presented to us so far - everything has just been amazing and a breath of fresh air.


emoyo growth marketing agency

- Jillian Scotland COO, eMoyo

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