Brand Awareness Survey for Stakeholders

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What do the greatest brands in the world have in common? They each project a unique and powerful identity. When you’re ready to draw conclusions about your own brand’s identity, just fill out a few lines of text to the right. We’ll get you started with a free Brand Awareness Survey for Stakeholder employees.

Branding Survey FAQs



Brand Awareness Survey? Why should I care?

In a sea of sameness, a brand identity creates distinction. Think how different Nike would be if instead of “Just Do It” they had “Please Give It A Go”, or how weird it would be to see an Economist ad that didn’t feature their iconic red. A brand identity distinguishes you from your competitors, lends purpose and motivation to your teammates, and can even shape the future of an organization.

Who should fill out this branding survey?

That’s really up to you. A good place to start would be anyone who makes decisions that may affect and support your brand. It could be a board of directors or every single employee. The more honest and thoughtful the responses, the better.

What do I do afterwards?

Once you’ve collected responses from all of your stakeholders, it’s time to review and compare what people said. The answers you get may surprise you, or maybe they’ll confirm what you already know, but the insights you glean can begin to set the foundation for your brand. It’s something we’ve done countless times. So if you need help, feel free to contact us.